Courses are run on a per couple basis in order to be flexible enough to fit into peoples busy lives.  It can be also run entirely online (if required).


There are two main reasons people attend marriage preparation: one is that they genuinely wish to be prepared for marriage and see the value in receiving training, and the other is that someone, usually their priest or pastor, has told them it is a requirement. However, as would be obvious, and is supported by research, the first reason is the most beneficial. Reasons for attending aside, there are a lot of benefits that couples gain from participating in pre-marriage education. With the marital distress and termination rates so high in our country there is a real need to educate couples prior to marriage on the necessary skills required to foster a dedicated and loving marriage relationship

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The Pre-marriage Program offers you as a couple the opportunity to take the time to prepare for what will undoubtedly be the most important relationship of your lives. Amongst the excitement (and stress) of preparing for a wedding, it is very wise to take the time to prepare for a marriage. The commitment you will make to each other is a solemn and binding agreement that takes all of 2 minutes to say, but, a whole life time to work out. Taking the time to prepare for this important relationship not only helps you to be aware of the workings of this type of relationship, but, also helps you lay the foundations for the type of marriage you both want to establish. 


This program contains three main elements:

  1.  A previously constructed marriage preparation resource  entitled 10 Great Dates Before You Say “I Do”. (written by Arp, C., Arp, D., Brown, C., Brown, N (2003))
  2. A personalised session on the Value of Marriage. 
  3. A personal session on Natural Family Planning.

The format of the book leads you through a chapter of reading on each topic, and then separately answering a set of questions in preparation for sharing and discussing them on your forthcoming date. The book also has suggestions on what sort of date you may like to go on and even where (if you may be short for ideas). It is recommended that you engage with a mentor couple; and, from time to time you meet informally with your mentor couple for coffee or dinner and discuss how you are going with them.