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The Sympto-thermal method is a very healthy and effective family planning choice. It works because a couple learn to understand, interpret and manage their signs of fertility which also leads to deeper levels of intimacy and communication. When managed correctly the couple will be able to make decisions to either avoid or achieve a pregnancy based on this knowledge. The Sympto-thermal method increases your chances of pregnancy when planned and is 99.6% effective at avoiding pregnancy, making it one of the most effective choices for family planning. 
Much information can be gained on different methods of fertility management freely on the Internet. As the old saying goes: 'you get what you pay for!' Natural methods, like the Sympto-thermal method, are backed by significant research and can be relied upon as highly effective for avoiding or achieving a pregnancy. However, attempting to self educate in the use of these methods is not recommended as not all woman's cycles are the same. There are also many variables that can impact upon the symptoms of fertility and you will only get this education from accredited educators who are backed by over 40 years experience. This is what we offer.
The service we offer:
We offer a professional and reliable service that has you the client at the centre of all that we do. Our goal is to empower you to embrace your fertility as part of who you are as a person and as a couple; naturally. We strive towards client autonomy not dependence, we work to remove obstacles that prevent this, which is why we keep service fees as low as we do.

When you engage Natural Fertility Services you will receive:


An initial Consultation = 1hr

In the first consult you will be empowered with the necessary knowledge to understand your combined fertility and you will learn to start charting your fertility. 

Educational Client 

A Thermometer


A Book of Charts

In order that you feel absolutely confident with your charting and to provide that face to face support; included in your service is two follow-up appointments.
Follow-up appointment 1.    
    Follow-up appointment 2. 

In addition to all this, we also include email and phone support for up to six charts.


Total service fee = $200.
Total service value =

To make a booking phone:
(07) 40417365

The Sympto-thermal Method

The Sympto-thermal method (STM) is a fertility awareness based (FAB) method of fertility management that is 99.6% effective when used to avoid pregnancy. It relies on two key components: first identify the fertile days of a woman's menstrual cycle and second the modification of sexual behaviour depending on whether the couple wish to achieve a pregnancy or avoid one.

STM consists of recording the cervical secretion pattern, changes of basal body temperature, changes at the cervix other secondary symptoms and the application of calculation rules. The beginning and the end of the fertile time are identified by two parameters in order to have a double-check system. The following two guidelines are given to each couple to identify the first fertile day–both guidelines are applied and the first fertile day is the earliest day identified:

  • Change of cervical secretion: first appearance of cervical secretion.
  • Calculation guideline: After a woman has completed 6 to 12 cycles of use a calculation guideline can be used by taking the shortest cycle of the last 12 and minusing 21 days from it to identify the first likely fertile day (In NFP methodology, this is called the 'S-21' rule.)

The following two guidelines are given to each couple to identify the last fertile day—both guidelines are applied and the last fertile day is the latest day identified:

  • The evening of the third day after the cervical secretion peak day (The cervical secretion peak day is only recognized on the day following peak)
  • The evening of third higher temperature reading, all three higher than the previous six readings, the last one 0.2C higher than the previous six.

These evidence-based guidelines have been developed following extensive research that has been carried out over the last 20 years. They have been adopted widely by FAB groups who teach STM. 

 (The effectiveness of a fertility awareness based method to avoid pregnancy in relation to a couple’s sexual behaviour during the fertile time: a prospective longitudinal study. Human Reproduction Vol 22. No5. 2007. 

Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)

Lactational Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation after 2 months post partum due to the effects of fully, or nearly fully, breastfeeding. The Lactational Amenorrhea Method is a modern, temporary, method of family planning based on this natural infertility resulting from certain patterns of breastfeeding.

Prolactin, a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, increases during pregnancy and plays a major role in the production of milk. Prolactin is released in response to the baby’s suckling on the nipple and acts on the secretory alveolar cells of the breast to initiate and stimulate the synthesis and secretion of the milk proteins, lactose and lipids. Suckling also causes the release of another hormone oxcytocin from the posterior pituitary gland, which acts through the blood stream to contract the myoepithelial cells surrounding the alveoli and ducts, causing the milk to be squeezed out into the ducts leading to the nipples.

The amount of prolactin in the blood is related to the breastfeeding pattern, that is the frequency and duration of the suckling stimulus. The high level of prolactin often inhibits ovulation, apparently by suppressing the production of the two key hormones Luteinising Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). As suckling is reduced prolactin secretion returns to normal and menstruation and/or ovulation resume

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Natural Fertility Services Cairns' Educators are accredited by the Australian Council of Natural Family Planning (ACNFP) to provide services in the Sympto-Thermal and Lactational Amenorrhea Methods of natural family planning.

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